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Low entry to the digital tax transformation for all companies

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You are a solution

The next gen Compliance Factory



Our matchmaking algorithm allows suppliers and SMEs & Large companies to do business more efficiently.



Pressure on budget and increased requirements call for the standardization of compliance processes.


10x faster

Aeolus is optimized to minimize the time spent on RFPs. All processes are developed to help you ease up filing and responding to RFPs.



Just like the winds, Aeolus is transparent in its actions and developments over time, including the community to make sure the wind blows in the right direction.

The Aeolus user

A marketplace where solution suppliers meet
solution requestors

  • In-platform communication
  • Matchmaking algorithm finding the best matches
  • Simple to use dashboard to track RFP status and responses

7-step process from
search to signed project

A simplified tool to optimize time spent on
broadcasting RFPs and receiving proposals

  • Shorter contact-to-contract cyclus
  • Easy longlist-to-shortlist selection
  • RFP-to-proposal time < 48h

Supplier benefits

  • New business development channel
  • Fast access to all required information for a proposal
  • Payment within 1 month after delivery
  • Widen the scope of your business through collaborations

Requestor benefits

  • Receive proposals < 48h
  • Structured uploading of required documentation
  • Compare solutions suppliers on various metrics
  • Guarenteed supplier quality via our supplier grading system

What do we cover?

Currently, the platform covers 10+ RFP types, with more
standardized RFP possibilities in development


How does Aeolus help me choose a supplier faster?

Based on the information provided during your RFP filing, the Aeolus matchmaking algorithm creates a long-list. We have various metrics to show you which suppliers meet requirements you think are important.

Who are your suppliers?

We have both IT suppliers and Tax solution providers on our platform. On average, our suppliers work on companies with a revenue stream ranging from €500.000 - €10B. Currently, the Aeolus Network mainly focusses on Tax, Regulatory and Finance solutions

How do you guarentee delivery quality?

The suppliers on our platform are graded before entering the platform. Their rating is based on experience, past quality and more importantly: Ratings from other users.

What happens if a delivery does not meet our exppectatios?

Aeolus provides objectice mediators to solve any issues between suppliers and requestors. We encourage you to try and resolve issues before activating a mediator, but if an issue is not working out, we will be there to help.